Areas of expertise

We are a mature organisation that responds rapidly to the needs of the public healthcare system. With our hands on the ground approach, we can quickly identify an evolving  disease burden or new key population. Right to Care ensures our staff are adequately skilled and trained to cope.

Injecting drug users

We have a fresh focus on the health of people who inject drugs. We are focusing on raising awareness and reducing the risk of HIV among this vulnerable group.  The use of drugs in South African plays a part in HIV epidemic – it heightens the risk of both contracting and transmitting HIV and worsen […]

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex

Among our programmes is our focus on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) communities. Crucial in our support to these communities is our understanding of their distinct needs in promoting health and well being. Right to Pride – Embracing health and diversity Right to Pride is an initiative within Right to Care that embraces […]

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The terrible reality is South Africa has one of the highest burdens of Tuberculosis (TB) in the world with the World Health Organisation reporting that about 1% of the 50 million population have active TB each year. But strategic objectives are in place and being monitored to reduce this burden: To strength infection control To […]

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HIV testing, treating and managing the horrible reality that South Africa is believed to have more people infected with HIV/AIDS than any other country in the world. But targeted interventions are having an impact. The HIV infection rate has fallen one-third since 2004 More than 80% of expectant HIV-positive mothers are receiving treatment in order […]

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Women’s Health

When anti-retroviral treatment began rolling out in South Africa, we realised that woman were living healthier lives and we needed to address their other non-HIV/AIDS-related concerns. Supporting the pillars of our communities One of the greatest risks is the development of cervical cancer and we are committed to the healing and health of women through our free pap […]

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Mother & Child Health

Right to Care is passionate in ensuring the prevention of HIV transmission from mothers to infants (PMTCT) during pregnancy, delivery, and breast-feeding. This is a critical, cost-effective, healthcare intervention where we want to ensure that all pregnant women seek health care before they are 20 weeks along. We support the National Health Programme and work […]

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