About Us

Our story

Right to Care is at the vanguard in supporting and delivering prevention, care, and treatment services for HIV and associated diseases. We work with government and communities to find pioneering solutions to build and strengthening public healthcare.

We embrace a strong entrepreneurial culture and focused on innovation and the use of technology to enhance services, address skills shortages, and deliver quality healthcare outcomes. Our areas of expertise include HIV and TB care and treatment, pharmacy automation, medical male circumcision, and cervical cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Research fortifies our work in every field. Our experts share their knowledge at conferences, through certified training and articles published in peer-reviewed journals.

Our history

In 2001, our founder Prof Ian Sanne registered Right to Care as a non-profit (Section 21) organisation in Johannesburg. A year later our first funding was received from the international aid agency USAID.

In 2004, we moved into our current offices at Helen Joseph Hospital, Johannesburg, and began providing clinic services funded by the Pepfar, a fund administered by USAID. By this time, Right to Care had matured from a start-up, pioneer-led organisation to a well-established donor-funded NGO. Within a few years, we were providing tens of thousands of patient with ARV and TB treatment in multiple provinces.

In 2010, with a growing compliment of 500 staff members, we were appointed principal recipient for the Global Fund (Round 10). Around that time, we began a USAID-led transition from direct service delivery to technical assistance, primarily to the Department of Health. Our partnership with the Department of Health was strengthened and a renewed focus was on supporting their initiatives.

Today we have over 1500 staff members and this is growing. Our mission stretches beyond South African borders and we are providing assistance internationally.

Our vision

That every individual will have ready and affordable access to quality evidence-based medical services.

Our mission

To respond to public health needs by supporting and delivering innovative, quality healthcare solutions, based on the latest medical research and established best practices, for the prevention, treatment, and management of infectious and chronic diseases.

Our board

Our board of directors comprises executive and non-executive directors who meet quarterly.

Corporate Governance

Right to Care is committed to the highest ethical principles. Essential to our continued success is our commitment to honesty and integrity.

Our culture encourages professionalism in all our operations, which have formed the backbone of our corporate governance structures. Right to Care applies the King III principles where relevant in order to measure and achieve good governance. Our board and numerous medical and technical sub-committees guide us in sustainability, risk, and future growth.

Whistle blower policy
Right to Care’s goal is to comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements relating to health care and business processes. We encourage anyone to come forward with credible information on illegal practises or violation of policies. Reporting is anonymous and done through a third party who will protect the individual from any retaliation.

Report unethical behaviour to toll-free number 0800 55 53 16 or www.whistleblowing.co.za

Annual Reports

Right to Care annual reports in PDF format:

Annual report 2018

Where We Work

Right to Care and our wholly owned subsidiary, Right Health, are active throughout South Africa.

We have a footprint primarily in five provinces: Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, Western Cape, and Free State but support the national government wherever required.

With direct service delivery funding, Right to Care operates clinical programmes. We treat patients for HIV, TB, cervical cancer, and sexually transmitted infections at several government facilities across the country.

In partnership with other organisations, we provide male medical circumcision services in Gauteng, North West, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, KwaZulu-Natal and Free State.

Right to Care is not limited by borders, whenever there is a need and we have the skills and expertise we will not shy away from adversity.