Right to Care Health Services

Treating health seriously

Right to Care Health Services deliver workplace health solutions to corporate clients. We focus on HIV, health data and absenteeism management programmes across all economic sectors.

Registered in 2008, Right to Care Health Services quickly grew to support top JSE clients operating on the African continent. Working in conjunction with existing medical aid schemes we design wellness and assistance programmes to suite individual needs. With effective workplace health care management chronic diseases (HIV, diabetes, TB, asthma, stress, etc.) do not need to lead to absenteeism, loss of productivity or incapacity.

We take care of the basics: from HIV counselling and testing to the complex: provision of post-exposure HIV prophylaxis and monthly medication delivery. Supported by a 24-hour call centre employees and management are never without trusted medical advice.

Wellness days

Right to Care Health Services organise and operate onsite wellness days including HIV counselling and testing services. With a fleet of mobile units and network of professional nurses, we have the capacity to manage intimate meetings or large functions.

We educate, counsel and test all family members and our commitment to providing accessible and non-discriminatory services are proven by our track record of testing 70% of patrons, so they know their HIV status.

Disease burden management

Right to Care Health Services understand the stigma associated with HIV which is why we manage the employees’ confidential health information while providing anonymous consolidated reports to our clients.

We work with our clients to understand and plan for the short term impacts: HIV testing uptake rates, absenteeism and patient treatment. Using sophisticated electronic medical records we are able to help define the long-term burden of employee disability and economic losses.

Our studies show the ratio of non-productive sick days to productive working days can be reduced by 25% by using our effective health management techniques.

Employee absenteeism management

Right to Care Health Services appreciate that absenteeism and reduced performance due to ill health are a significant risk within the organisations. Privately identifying and addressing occupational injury or chronic illness on a case by case basis has a positive impact.

We standardise the process; eliminating perceived bias and consider the facts providing an empathetic solution to the employee which is fair to our clients. With effective oversight and management costs and underperformance can be contained and reduced.

Onsite automated TB screening

With our mobile x-ray TB screening trucks we can travel to any location. There is no need to travel as your staff are x-rayed on-site. Using a unique fully digital system results are made available immediately with the support of a computer aided diagnosis. Abnormal diagnosis is confirmed by a qualified off-site radiologist who has access to the digital x-ray immediately. Right Health ensures the process is strictly managed with little or no downtime. With the ability to deliver up to 200 X-rays per day we look after your staff’s health needs and your business comply with Health and Safety regulations.