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HIV Treatment


HIV treatment helps reduce the amount of HIV in your blood to a very low level. This keeps you healthy and prevents illness. Without treatment for HIV, you are likely to develop complications from the disease.

HIV is treated with antiretroviral therapy, often referred to as ART.

ART reduces the amount of HIV - or viral load - in the body to very low levels. Right to Care works hard to ensure that every HIV-positive person on treatment reduces their viral load to such a low level that HIV can no longer be detected when they have a blood test.
We work hard to make sure all our patients who are HIV-positive get onto treatment. To start taking ART, you need to go to your healthcare facility and see a doctor. You will get a prescription for your medicine.

Stay on your treatment

It is vital that once you start treatment for HIV, you stay on your treatment. To stay on your treatment, you need to be organised. You must take your medicine every day as prescribed, and you should return to your healthcare facility or doctor before your medicine runs out. You must go for your regular check-ups and blood tests.

Once your doctor is happy that you are doing well on your treatment, you will get a repeat prescription so you don’t have to go back to your clinic or hospital every month and stand in queues just to collect your antiretroviral treatment.

Right to Care’s pharmaceutical company, Right ePharmacy, has made it easy for you to collect your medicine through our Pharmacy Dispensing Units and Collect & Go smart lockers.

Making medicine collection quick and easy

Right ePharmacy is a Right to Care company that uses the latest technology to make it as easy and quick as possible for a patient to collect their medicine and stay on their treatment.

The most popular solutions are:

Pharmacy Dispensing Units or ATM pharmacies

Collect & Go smart lockers

Pharmacy Dispensing Units or ATM pharmacies

ATM pharmacies are currently found in Joburg and Bloemfontein. They are located at busy locations close to where patients live and work. Why wait in long queues at your local clinic every month when you are well, and just need to collect repeat medicine?

With a simple 5-step process you can get your month’s medicine in 3 minutes.


Patient scans the barcode from their ID book, ID card or pharmacy card and enters their PIN


Patient talks to a remote pharmacist (like in a Skype call)


The prescription and items are selected


The medicine is robotically dispensed and labelled and drops in the collection slot


Patient takes the receipt which indicates the next collection date

We help you stay on your medicine so you can remain healthy. Reminder SMSs are sent to you when you don’t collect your medicine.

You can find an ATM pharmacy in:

Soweto: Baragwanath Mall in Diepsloot and Ndofaya Mall in Meadowlands

Diepsloot: Bambanani Mall

Alexandra: Alex Plaza

Bloemfontein: Twin City Mall in Mangaung (Free-State)

They are open from Monday to Friday from 7am – 6pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am – 2pm.

Collect & Go

We are installing Collect & Go smart lockers at 70 sites across Gauteng, Mpumalanga and the Free State.
Right ePharmacy has adapted smart locker technology to develop Collect & Go smart lockers for medicine. The electronic lockers are secure and safely store your monthly chronic medication so you can quickly and easily collect it close to where you live and work at a time that suits you.

Public healthcare patients who are stable on their chronic medication can use Collect & Go. Most patients who use Collect & Go have:

  • diabetes,
  • high blood pressure,
  • HIV/AIDS or
  • asthma

When using the Collect & Go service you will:

Be registered for Collect & Go at your healthcare facility if your condition is stable

Be given two months’ supply of medication

Be provided with the date for your first Collect & Go experience

Need to return to your healthcare facility for a follow-up visit every six months

Be reminded to see your doctor via SMS

How Collect & Go works


As soon as the medicine is in the locker, you will receive an SMS with a uniquely generated, one-time PIN


On arrival at the locker, the PIN number is inserted on a touch screen


You must then open the locker and remove the medicine parcel

Contact Right ePharmacy to find out more about ATM pharmacies and Collect & Go here.

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