Health System Strengthening

Geographic information systems

Geographic information systems 1920 1280 Right to Care

The geographic information systems (GIS) and planning unit is a specialist unit within Right to Care which works to find geospatial solutions, using advanced technology and platforms. GIS and planning has become integral to healthcare…

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eLABS 1700 1135 Right to Care

Right to Care’s innovative eLABS system is a managed service that aligns: testing and patients, healthcare facilities, testing laboratories, processes and technology to improve laboratory value chain performance on a large scale. It was first…

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Data 1800 1200 Right to Care

In partnership with Foundation for Professional Development, Right to Care formed QODE™ to enhance the comprehensive use of multiple data systems (developed in South Africa) and boost programme productivity. Integrated into a centralised knowledge centre…

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Logistics 1700 1133 Right to Care

In executing a large scale healthcare programme, the integrated management of key activities are essential. These include the movement of: supplies including medicine, specimens and blood samples, personnel working in facilities and in communities and…

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Continuous Quality Improvement

Continuous Quality Improvement 1920 898 Right to Care

How are Right to Care programmes performing? Where can we be more efficient? What can we do differently to achieve better outcomes for our patients? Right to Care’s continuous quality improvement (CQI) programme helps programme…

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