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Why we support clinical research

Without research, we would have no new prevention and treatment medicines. Thanks to research, people who could have died from disease are able to live healthy lives.

But without the people volunteering for these clinical trials, healthcare would never advance and we would never find vaccines and treatments to keep people healthy.

Every drug we take, from something as simple as Panado, has gone through clinical trials. Every life-saving vaccine has gone through extensive clinical trials and been safely tested in willing volunteers. Some of these vaccines include the polio, smallpox and measles vaccines which have helped eradicate these diseases.

Volunteers for clinical trials help to test and develop medicine that can protect the most vulnerable people in our society, such as older people, those with chronic conditions and those with weakened immune systems. These volunteers deserve our gratitude.

Right to Care is here to serve our community. We help by making sure that the latest healthcare options are available to the people we serve. To do this, we actively seek ways to advance our knowledge and expand the medications and treatments available.

Our partnership with one of SA’s leading research units

We partner with the Clinical HIV Research Unit (CHRU) to recruit those who wish to volunteer for clinical trials.

CHRU is recognised internationally as a leader in research that participates in global clinical trials. With Covid-19 leading to millions of deaths across the world and much hardship in in South Africa and around the world, CHRU is participating in global studies to prevent more deaths and to end the pandemic.

Clinical research offers hope for many people.

This is why we support clinical research. #ThankYouScience

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If you are interested in supporting the #ThankYouScience campaign and want to know how to get involved or sign up to take part in clinical trials, please call us now on 063 097 7207.

We will be in touch with details of our work and with any clinical trials that may be of interest to you.

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