Women’s Health

When anti-retroviral treatment began rolling out in South Africa, we realised that woman were living healthier lives and we needed to address their other non-HIV/AIDS-related concerns.

Supporting the pillars of our communities

One of the greatest risks is the development of cervical cancer and we are committed to the healing and health of women through our free pap smear programme. Pap smear offers an easy and reliable method to screen for Human papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is the leading preventable cancer in women in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our region lacks the trained personnel, infrastructure, and budgets needed to implement Pap smear based screening programmes.

Start somewhere and grow

Over ten years ago, we have built a free woman’s health programme in Themba Lethu Clinic at Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg where 75% of our female patients had never had a pap smear before. Early results showed that over half of the woman tested had abnormal cell growth and a third of these had a high severity. Complications and nine months waiting list hampered referrals to other facilities for diagnosis and treatment.

This inadequate support leads us to build and develop facilities at clinics and build mobile vans which travel to remote areas where woman’s health services are not readily available.

You have the right to a free and safe pap smear

We offer pap smears and treatment plans in a clean safe environment. Our trained medical staff are able to detect and spot early signs of cervical cancer, breast cancer, pelvic disorders, HIV and STIs. In conjunction with you, we can develop treatment plans to remove early signs of cervical cancer. Whether it’s as a routine check or because you have some worries, we are there to give you peace of mind.

Our procedures have helped, and continue to help, many women access treatment.