Founded on the core organisation value of: Innovation each idea is investigated. Since our inception, we have endeavoured to respond to public health needs through invention, particularly in the use of information technology, clinical management, clinical research, and epidemiological research.

Paperless HIV Testing

An efficient user-friendly customer relationship management (CRM) application that speeds up the efficiency of wellness testing and HIV counselling and testing. RightHealth Mobile enables staff

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Paperless Clinic

The integration of electronic medical record system (TherapyEdge®) with our automated pharmacy system (Trimed® and Mach4) and government laboratory database ensured a pre-eminent HIV clinic

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RightMax is custom built to meet the needs of an NGO providing clinical services on behalf of a donor and an NGO acting as a

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TB Diagnostics

South Africa has one of the biggest tuberculosis (TB) epidemics in the world. Social conditions, poor health, migrating labour and the HIV epidemic have all

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Clinic & Lab Integration

The integration of electronic medical record system with the countrywide laboratory database is an innovative and differentiating attribute of Right to Care’s approach to quality

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Pharmacy Automation

he shortage of pharmaceutical personnel has had a significant impact on the delivery of pharmaceutical services and the ability to provide continuous availability of medicines

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