Clinic & Lab Integration

The integration of electronic medical record system with the countrywide laboratory database is an innovative and differentiating attribute of Right to Care’s approach to quality health care.

Electronic medical records boost clinic efficiency

Implemented in six facilities across South Africa, TherapyEdge® is an electronic medical record (EMR) with extensive user support capabilities. Pinnacle among these is Themba Lethu Clinic at Helen Joseph Hospital, which has become a “paperless” clinic supporting over 12 000 patients a month.
TherapyEdge® has automated alerts, reference charts and treatment guidelines to assist the clinician when consulting both adult and paediatric patients.
Integration with TrakCare, the National Health Laboratory Services pathology and test results database create a simplified comprehensive medical record for any clinician to easily access. Immediate and direct access to laboratory results enable clinicians to respond more efficiently to adverse events and virological treatment failure

Supporting our clinicians using innovation

In our strive towards clinic efficiency doctors, nurses, councillors and all support staff can easily access patient historical diagnosed conditions, medication, and laboratory data.
Based on the South African treatment guidelines, drug information database, ICD-10 coding, laboratory grading, resistance genotyping, and common clinical guidelines, a comprehensive data record for each patient is programmatically examined to ensure consistent and comprehensive treatment.