Paperless Clinic

The integration of electronic medical record system (TherapyEdge®) with our automated pharmacy system (Trimed® and Mach4) and government laboratory database ensured a pre-eminent HIV clinic in Themba Lethu at Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg.

Empowering a clinic by reducing the paperwork

Striving to achieve a paper free environment that did not require clinicians to spend time filing, following up and processing documents we embarked on a program to create a “paper less” clinic supporting over 12 000 patients a month.

Increasing modernisation

With a successful integrated electronic medical and pathology records a programme of further amalgamation was embarked on in early 2013.

Phase 1: Printed prescription

Saw clinicians prescribing medication by entering the prescription into TherapyEdge®, printing and signing the prescription printout.

Phase2: Preparation for integration

The implementation of a new pharmacy module in TherapyEdge® in order to link ICD 10 coding to prescribed drugs and align drug databases.

Phase 3: Interface

An interface between TherapyEdge® and Trimed® eliminated the need for the pharmacist to recapture prescription data. The transfer of data is managed via HL7 messaging (an industry standard messaging system). This ensures up-to- date flow of patient demographic and prescription data between the systems, each system receiving and sending information.