RightMax is custom built to meet the needs of an NGO providing clinical services on behalf of a donor and an NGO acting as a donor’s prime recipient for the channelling of funds to sub-recipients. The system provides donors with convincing proof that services have been delivered as claimed.

Grants management

Historically, grants management departments have used spreadsheets which has results in version control, calculation problems and audit findings and RightMax has revolutionised the financial management of grants. Transactions from sub-recipients are supported with barcoded documents. A key strength of the system is the integration and linking of hardcopy documents to electronic data and ability to generate on demand financial reports for multiple sub-recipients.

Fee for Service clinical programmes

Grants provided on a fee-for-service basis (male medical circumcision and HIV counselling & testing) are made possible by the financial, service-delivery, and audit controls provided by RightMax. The ability to prove that the service was delivered as invoiced, rather than relying on self-reporting, is a key requirement.