Paperless HIV Testing

An efficient user-friendly customer relationship management (CRM) application that speeds up the efficiency of wellness testing and HIV counselling and testing. RightHealth Mobile enables staff members to seamlessly synchronise data from a central database with mobile data capture devices, speeding up the HIV counselling and testing process, while capturing accurate test information.

Innovative paperless system that captures mobile health data

The system was developed in 2013 to eliminate inefficiencies inherent in paper-based processes. The complexity of the prior processes resulted in an involved process for updating test form details and adding new forms.
Problems included:

  • Inefficient paper forms
  • Manual capturing resulted in error prone data
  • Inefficient use of existing company and client information
  • No clinical decision support when filling in forms
  • Poor quality assurance
  • Poor clinical staff management
  • No historical patient information
  • No audit trail existed

The system is based on Microsoft CRM software. RightHealth Mobile uses on 3G cellphone coverage and Android mobile devices. The entire process is paperless. All recording can be done on the mobile device, including capturing signatures and capturing HIV Counselling and Testing results by photographing test strips.

Benefits of RightHealth Mobile

  • Instant updating of test details
  • Reducing capturing errors
  • Decision support making capturing quicker and easier
  • Only required data is captured
  • Processes can be tracked and segregation of duties enforced
  • Capturing a history of test results
  • Availability of audit trail to track changes, updates, and additions

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