Data-driven decision making

In partnership with Foundation for Professional Development, Right to Care formed QODE™ to enhance the comprehensive use of multiple data systems (developed in South Africa) and boost programme productivity.

Integrated into a centralised knowledge centre to enhance analytics and reporting are:

mobile health solutions for collection of HIV testing data

last-mile pharmacy stock and dispensing data

National Health Laboratory Services (NHLS(National Health Laboratory Service)) laboratory data systems. is a key platform to strengthen linkages, adherence and retention in HIV care, treatment and support

One of the elements of QODE™ is Lynx-HIV which collects all HIV test results with real-time GIS positioning. It also has the ability to:

conduct continuous workforce management

automate linkage to care and field level treatment initiation and

enable an analysis of high-yield HIV testing interventions

A central dashboard provides continuous real-time monitoring of performance.

Knowledge Centre

Right to Care’s Knowledge Centre platform is supported by QODE. It allows for the integration of:

multiple systems

centralised data monitoring and usage

The integration of data systems is critical to create efficient services.

A lack of interoperability across critical healthcare systems leads to inefficiencies around data management, especially across healthcare partners. In turn this:

compromises the ability to track patients across the system

negatively affects health outcomes.

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