The USAID Anova Health Institute APACE Programme

Right to Care provides mobile screening and testing in two communities living in the City of Johannesburg’s Region C where HIV testing uptake is low:

  • Cosmo City and
  • Zandspruit

Mobile units move through these areas to:

  • test people for HIV and
  • link HIV-positive people to treatment and care.

Right to Care aims to combat stigma associated with HIV and TB and encourage wellness screening for HIV and other conditions. Healthcare services are also provided by these mobile units.

The programme is enabled by an APACE (Accelerating Program Achievements to Control the Epidemic) grant funded by USAID and the Anova Health Institute (Anova). Right to Care is a sub-recipient of this grant.

The three mobile testing units can:

access people in communities quickly

cover a wide area

change direction seamlessly when HIV positivity yields are low to go to different areas in the communities

allow Right to Care to target unique populations

Right to Care’s Geographic Information Services (GIS) division directs the placement of the units to sites that are likely to produce high numbers and yields.

Each mobile unit comprises:

three lay counsellors

a data capturer

two drivers who also assist with social mobilisation and counselling

a professional nurse who enables Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) initiation for HIV-positive patients

One Linkage to Care Officer, supported by Anova, works across the three units to liaise with Department of Health clinics.

Other tests our mobile teams offer are:

Blood pressure

Blood glucose

Height and weight (BMI) measurements


Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) testing

They also conduct:

moonlight testing near taverns, malls and community centres to cater for people who are not available during the day

door-to-door testing

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