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About us / Who we are

RTC GIS & Planning was founded in 2016, when an infectious diseases Professor and a visionary town planner and GIS enthusiast saw the significant value add in deploying geobusiness intelligence and insights to support decision making in public health.

Fast forward to 2020, and RTC GIS & Planning has expanded into a cutting-edge unit, developing and providing state of the art geobusiness solutions in public health, land and property and disaster management decision support.

With a footprint in more than 15 countries, RTC GIS & Planning work across three continents: Africa, South America and Asia.

As an entity under the Right to Care health care group, RTC GIS & Planning has conducted significant GIS work in the health sector. The health sector work is aimed at:

  • improving planning and geographical targeting of health services;
  • optimising and deploying cost effective health care services;
  • conducting spatial analytics, modelling and provision of geospatial insights;
  • and supporting the deployment of innovative solutions.

Further to health care work, RTC GIS & Planning has done significant GIS and non-GIS consulting work in the non-health care space.

What we do

Work Area 1: GIS driven solutions

RTC GIS & Planning provides solutions that place location at the centre of decision making. Such solutions enable our clients to gain strategic insights about their business, putting them ahead of the rest of the field. We use both proprietary and open source geospatial solutions, to give our clients comprehensive yet cost-effective approaches to business scenarios, challenges and opportunities. Our solutions include both real-time and offline capabilities, allowing your needs to be met wherever you are.

Complemented with the use of drones, web and mobile based options, and participatory mapping approaches, RTC GIS & Planning has provided cutting edge solutions in the following areas:

A. Assisting VMMC Programme Performance

Through a mix of geobased solutions, RTC GIS & Planning has assisted the RTC Group’s Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) programme in efficient planning, implementation and decision making, by providing proper geographical targeting in intervention areas. Using multiple GIS tools, VMMC has been able to place location at the centre of programmatic activities (such as site assessments, client booking in the field and demand creation) leading to attainment of targets, and a better understanding of the social dynamics in intervention areas.

B. Accelerating HIV epidemic control through geospatial saturation modelling

In business, market saturation can depend on consumer purchasing power, competition, prices and technology. In HIV/AIDS programming, saturation modelling tells us whether all people living with HIV in a given area have been placed on treatment and kept in care. If patients are all linked to and remain on treatment, then epidemic control has been achieved. RTC GIS & Planning thus uses various GIS driven analytics and HIV datasets to model and predict epidemic control levels.

C. Optimizing your transport routes

Facing challenges with your transportation efficiency or aiming to drive costs down and improve profit margins? Or are you wanting to improve the value chain efficiency? RTC GIS & Planning specialises in route evaluation, cost analyses and optimisation for transportation projects. We analyse and determine the best routes for your transportation needs that yield increased profits, while keeping costs low.

Work Area 2: Consultancy and advisory

RTC GIS & Planning functions predominantly as an advisory and consultancy service. Our team has unrivalled experience and expertise in:

Geo-business systems development

Strategic and informed healthcare decision-making

Public health including HIV/AIDS, TB and COVID-19

Disaster management decision support systems

Information systems for ancillary services like land and property, municipal decision support, utilities, land use and environmental management, amongst others.

Work Area 3 : Research

The development of novel geobusiness and data driven methods, products and systems is central to the work of RTC GIS & Planning. We work with our academic and research partners to develop new and improved methods for modelling, representing, analysing and, of course, solving business challenges, thereby improving the bottom line for our clients. Our research work covers, amongst other things, improvements in geobusiness insights, data and information analytics and artificial intelligence.

Work Area 4: Programme and project management

Looking for a reliable partner to manage your project from conception to closure? Look no further than the RTC GIS & Planning team. With 80 plus man years of project management experience, spanning both public and private sectors, RTC GIS & Planning prides itself on being the go-to entity for project management expertise and support.

We have supported local municipalities and local governments, international funders, and health care departments through complicated challenges and logistical issues, and in this process have established a global footprint.

What we can do for you

Looking to optimise your business operations, improve efficiency and ultimately drive costs down? Contact us today to find out more.

  • RTC’s GIS solutions can inform this decision to ensure that you only target the most relevant areas with your resources.

  • RTC GIS solutions can identify hot spots and target your work so you address the areas with the greatest need.

  • RTC GIS solutions can help you to make an informed and strategic decision about the placement of your properties.

  • RTC GIS solutions can help optimise your transportation resources and maximise your efficiency to ensure all areas can be serviced affordably.

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