The Paediatric and Adolescent HIV Scale-up Project

Co-funded by ELMA Philanthropies and USAID, the Paediatric and Adolescent HIV Scale-up Project (PASP) at Right to Care was implemented by Right to Care, Anova Health Institute and the Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute (WRHI) in sub-districts A and B in the City of Johannesburg.

Key objectives of the programme were:

  • To improve rates of earlier HIV diagnosis in children and adolescents and
  • To increase access to quality HIV treatment and care for children and adolescents.

The programme initially supported eight sites but expanded to include every facility across the sub-districts.


In sub-district A there was a higher burden of HIV-infected children and adolescents. Programme staff went to every facility at least once a week. They provided:

case finding


psychosocial support

In sub-district B, testing yielded fewer positive patients. Programme staff then offered weekly testing at high-volume sites and monthly testing at other sites.

Key achievements

The programme helped to:

    • improve detection in paediatric patients through the use of the Right to Care screening tool which identified children and families at risk of living with HIV.
    • improve linkage of infants to care and treatment. The recruitment of a coordinator to assist with follow-up supported this effort.
    • tailor services towards the needs of children and adolescents.

Clinical and psychosocial support were provided by the Right to Care team to children and adolescents:

    • with high viral loads
    • who did not know they were HIV-positive and
    • who were not adherent to their treatment.

Right to Care developed the Flipster tool which provides specially-curated information on topics relevant to adolescents. Healthcare workers were trained to use the tool to:

    • help young people cope with HIV and
    • adhere to their treatment.
During the programme, service delivery was introduced to complement the technical assistance being offered. Best practices from this programme were shared internationally.

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