Qode Health Solutions (Qode)

In 2016, the Foundation for Professional Development Group and Right to Care joined forces to bring their healthcare technology under one umbrella to improve health outcomes in developing countries. Qode Healthcare Solutions (Qode) was set up as an African med-tech initiative. It supports governments across Africa in their fight against HIV/AIDS.

By transforming data into information and knowledge, Qode’s software helps healthcare providers to make decisions about how best to manage their patients.

Through its automated clinical process flows and real-time data collection tools, Qode empowers healthcare workers that work in communities. Qode supports them with:

rapid decision-making

patient care

managing scarce resources

Qode’s mission is for every patient to be able to access the best possible care. It achieves this by pioneering innovative healthcare systems.

The company also aims to:
  • improve health outcomes towards achieving UNAIDS 95-95-95 targets,
  • support health data systems,
  • strengthen monitoring and evaluation (M&E),
  • optimise data collection,
  • enhance analytical capacity,
  • promote the use of electronic health data systems and
  • Improve timely programme monitoring.

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Treating health seriously, caring, making treatment available in South Africa and abroad.

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