Right ePharmacy

Right ePharmacy is a pharmaceutical service business established in 2015. It is an innovative solution provider for the:

  • dispensing,

  • distribution and

  • collection of medicine.

Right ePharmacy uses the latest technology available in South Africa and internationally to:

Find easier ways for patients to collect their medicine and stay on their treatment

help healthcare departments dispense medicines more efficiently and easily

keep patients with chronic conditions on their medicine so they can lead full and productive lives

Right ePharmacy has introduced several pioneering products and projects. Its most popular solutions are:

In-Pharmacy automation
(Steve Biko Academic Hospital & Helen Joseph Hospital)

Pharmacy Dispensing Units or ATM pharmacies

Collect & Go smart lockers

Central Dispensing Units

Pharmacy Dispensing Units or ATM pharmacies for SA’s public healthcare patients

Those who live in and around Joburg and Bloemfontein, can collect their monthly medicines in about three minutes because ‘ATM pharmacies’ have been set up at busy locations close to where patients stay.

ATM pharmacies robotically dispense medication quickly and accurately. Patients don’t have to wait in long queues at their local clinic every month just to collect repeat medicine.

Pharmacists from Right ePharmacy’s head office support patients through a telemedicine service. Whether you are in Soweto, Diepsloot, Alexandra or Bloemfontein, you can speak to a pharmacist, who you can see on the screen of the dispensing unit.

Simple 5-step process

Medicine is dispensed in a simple 5-step process:


Patient scans the barcode from their ID book, ID card or pharmacy card and enters their PIN


Patient talks to a remote pharmacist (like in a Skype call)


The prescription and items are selected


The medicine is robotically dispensed and labelled and drops in the collection slot


Patient takes the receipt which indicates the next collection date.

Reminder SMSs are sent to patients who don’t collect their medicine.

You can find an ATM pharmacy in:


Baragwanath Mall in Diepsloot and Ndofaya Mall in Meadowlands


Bambanani Mall


Alex Plaza


Twin City Mall in Mangaung (Free-State)

They are open from Monday to Friday from 7am - 6pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am - 2pm.

Collect & Go

To help South Africans avoid long queues at clinics or hospitals to collect their monthly medication, Right ePharmacy, in partnership with the National Department of Health, is installing Collect & Go smart lockers at 70 sites across Gauteng, Mpumalanga and the Free State.

Electronic locker technology is used all over the world. To improve healthcare delivery, Right ePharmacy adapted this solution and developed Collect & Go smart lockers. The locally manufactured, secure, electronic lockers safely store your monthly chronic medication so you can quickly and easily collect it close to where you live and work at a time that suits you.

Public healthcare patients who are stable on their chronic medication can use Collect & Go. Patients who use Collect & Go have a wide range of chronic conditions which include diabetes, high blood pressure, HIV/AIDS and asthma.

Collect & Go helps reduce congestion in public health facilities so clinics and hospitals can focus on critically unwell patients and complicated cases. Through its support of the Department of Health’s central chronic medication dispensing and distribution (CCMDD(Centralised Chronic Medicines Dispensing and Distribution)) programme, Collect & Go also supports the government’s national adherence strategy.

Collect & Go stations are located near transport routes and areas where people live and work. The system is easy to use:

public health facilities

community shopping centres

police stations

retail pharmacies

doctors’ rooms

When using the Collect & Go service you will:

Be registered for Collect & Go at your healthcare facility if your condition is stable

Be given two months’ supply of medication

Be provided with the date for your first Collect & Go experience

Need to return to your healthcare facility for a follow-up visit every six months

Be reminded to see your doctor via SMS

Collect & Go stations are located near transport routes and areas where people live and work such as:


As soon as the medicine is in the locker, you will receive an SMS with a uniquely generated, one-time PIN.


On arrival at the locker, the PIN number is inserted on a touch screen.


You must then open the locker and remove the medicine parcel.

Collect & Go smart lockers meet stringent pharmacy regulations. All medicine parcels are tracked. Medicine that is not collected is flagged and can be followed up telephonically through the Collect & Go call centre.

Contact Right ePharmacy to find out more about ATM pharmacies and Collect & Go here.

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