• What are Adherence Clubs?

A long-term retention strategy for clinically stable patients receiving antiretroviral therapy. … It reduces the burden that stable patients place on healthcare facilities, increasing clinical human resources for new patients, and those clinically unstable and at risk of failing treatment. (source)

– Quick service option: 20 – 30 stable ART clients

– Facilitated by a lay staff member

– Limited support needed from a clinician


• How do Adherence Clubs work?

– Symptoms assessment done

– Collection of 2 months pre-packed ART

– Topical group discussion

– Simplified monitoring


Key benefits


• Easier access to medication

• Peers support and group cohesion

• Improved retention in care

• Self management = Empowerment


Health Care Workers

• Reduces patient load therefore optimizes clinician time

• Allows for greater capacity to focus on unstable patients


Please view and download the RTC Facility list for adherence clubs