Global disaster management capability

Right to Care offers governments and their health departments a comprehensive integrated technical assistance package that can be quickly implemented to scale in the event of a disaster.

Through Right to Care’s more than 20-years track record in managing the HIV pandemic in South Africa and beyond its borders, we have extensive experience in:

the innovative use of digital technology for programme management and planning

setting up, scaling up and maintaining innovative health solutions driven by high-level data analytics

Some of the countries Right to Care has supported include:

South Africa and Zambia during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020

Sierra Leone in the management of the Ebola epidemic in 2015

Zambia in the control of the cholera outbreak in 2017

We can rapidly deploy technical assistance and direct service delivery as guided by the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) public health emergency framework.

Our disaster management expertise and capabilities cover:

emergency logistic planning

resource mapping and planning

field hospitals and temporary facilities

multi-month dispensing of medicine for chronic patients

enhanced surveillance and rapid response teams

case identification and contact tracing

data management and integration

technical assistance to support laboratories with large scale testing

dedicated disaster medicine consultancy based on
  • established principles of disaster medicine and
  • international lessons learned

risk communication to ensure
  • public understanding of the crisis
  • government’s response to it and
  • that individuals know what to do to contribute to epidemic control.

Case management including preparing and then supporting facilities and healthcare workers for rapid increases in patient numbers

Some of the countries we have supported include:

Sierra Leone in the management of the Ebola epidemic in 2015.

Zambia in the control of the cholera outbreak in 2017.

South Africa with its management of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, alongside the National Department of Health.

Treating health seriously, caring, making treatment available in South Africa and abroad.

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