Grants Management

As a donor, you want to know where your funds are going and how they are being used. We have accounted for and distributed to sub-recipients through grants management over R254 320 729.03.

NGOs constantly struggle with inadequate tools for the financial management of sub-award grants. Historically, our grants management department used spreadsheets for reports and requisitions. This resulted in a multitude of problems, among which are difficulty with following an audit trail, errors in formulae, inconsistently captured data, an inability to work with advanced Excel functions, and errors arising from poor version control.

In 2011, we developed RightMax in response to these problems. It is an information and reporting tool that has revolutionised the financial management of grants. RightMax is a web based system that monitors and evaluates donor funded programmes, which enables donors to have real time proof that donor funded services have been delivered efficiently and credibly. RightMax has enabled us to apply for further funding when it would otherwise have unavailable.

Our grants management team support and facilitate funding to over twenty sub-recipients for different donors and there individual requirements with our resources utilized in managing the grant and not spreadsheets.