Health Systems Strengthening

We strive to understand and address the urgent need to improve performance in South Africa’s current health care environment. We understand the goals to eradicate and manage a variety of diseases and put unique work plans in place to address each goal.

Strengthening health care – improve patient outcome

Working across South Africa we work directly with health care practitioners and government to identify facilities, sub-districts, districts and provinces where we can put forward unique models to address their individual needs.

Each intervention is started by analysing existing data and processes; by qualified Right to Care staff. We review a broad range of management areas including:

  • Human resources and staffing
  • Skills and expertise
  • Procurement and distribution
  • Facility services (building, roads, electricity, water, etc.) set-up and management
  • Support structures and stakeholder engagement
  • Patient outcome
  • Burden disease
  • Scope of health care practise

Regardless of what the burden of disease is, we put in place actionable work plans uniquely tailored to each environment to address and manage bottle necks.

Right to Care staff work directly with facility and departmental staff to address each hurdle including:

  • procurement and distribution systems that actually deliver interventions to those in need;
  • staffing with sufficient health workers having the right skills and motivation; and
  • operating financing systems that are sustainable, inclusive, and fair,