Private sector partnerships build community health

Right to Care’s Privately funded Programmes Division focuses on building partnerships with private companies to promote health and wellbeing in communities.

It is one of our key strategic divisions and is committed to empowering communities, bridging health gaps, and delivering impactful health support services.

Key building blocks of the division are:

  • collaboration,
  • strategic partnerships,
  • community empowerment,
  • tailored interventions to meet community health needs and
  • innovation

Diversifying Right to Care’s income streams

The Anglo American programme is being closely monitored to ensure efficient service delivery.

Measurement and evaluation

Previously, Right to Care’s health programmes were funded only by international donors.
Now we are collaborating with the private sector to offer corporates dedicated community health programmes that promote community health and wellbeing in areas where they operate.

Flagship programme with Anglo American

The Anglo American Community Health and Wellbeing Programme is Right to Care’s flagship private sector-funded programme.

Through our partnership with the mining giant, health and wellbeing programmes are being run in seven districts across Limpopo, the Northern Cape, and North West.

The safety and wellbeing of communities living and working in areas where Anglo American operates  are key programme priorities.

The Anglo American Community Health and Wellbeing Programme integrates with existing district structures, aligns with provincial priorities and covers multiple clinic catchment areas.

Central to the success and sustainability of the Anglo American programme are strategic partnerships with provincial departments of health.

Anglo American Community Health and Wellbeing Programme was first launched to provide COVID-19 vaccination services and expanded to include several HIV and TB support services as well as health system strengthening in health facilities.

Support programmes

Right to Care runs several support programmes in communities where Anglo operates to address diverse health needs. These include:

  • Children & adolescent support – Empowering young people living with HIV through peer-led education initiatives such as Zvandiri which connects young people with peer counsellors to assure health, happiness and hope.
  • HIV/TB treatment and support for men – Supporting men diagnosed with HIV or TB through peer education provided by Coach Mpilo .
  • Medicine collection support – Helping people with chronic conditions collect their medicine easily and quickly from convenient smart lockers set up by Right ePharmacy.
  • Health system strengthening – Driving quality improvement interventions in public healthcare facilities.

Treating health seriously, caring, making treatment available in South Africa and abroad.

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