Zulu prince announces circumcision edict for the Zulu nation declaring war on HIV/Aids

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Zulu prince announces circumcision edict for the Zulu nation declaring war on HIV/Aids

Zulu prince announces circumcision edict for the Zulu nation declaring war on HIV/Aids 150 150 Right to Care

Durban – Monday, 14 August 2017:  Prince Nhlanganiso Zulu, son of King Goodwill Zwelethini, has called on Zulu men across the country to circumcise. He made the announcement about Medical Male Circumcision (MMC) in the name of the king of the Zulu nation in Durban on Friday. It is only the second time that a public edict of this type has been made since the nineteenth century when King Shaka banned circumcision so his warriors could focus on war.

“Now we are fighting a different war and this is the war on HIV/AIDS. It is not acceptable that KZN has the highest rates of HIV/AIDS in South Africa and we need to do everything possible to fight back,” said Prince Zulu. “Part of a living a healthy lifestyle in Zulu culture must involve circumcision. Men must take responsibility for their health and for the health of their loved ones by being medically circumcised. We implore them to go without delay. The procedure is quick, safe and free, with medically proven benefits.”

The prince initiated and drives the Isibaya samaDoda programme to raise awareness on mental and physical health and social issues which pertain to men. “A real man takes care of his family and has one sexual partner,” Zulu emphasised. Isibaya samaDoda loosely translates to an enclosure or gathering area for men.

Around 150 taxis have been branded with the MMC message were in Durban and other parts of KZN as a reminder to men to book their appointment to be medically circumcised at their nearby clinic.

Over 80 men came forward and had the procedure done immediately after the call by the prince on Friday.

The call was supported by the USAID-funded Voluntary MMC consortium comprising RIGHT TO CARECHAPS and SACTWU that has been working with popular soapie star and BROTHERS FOR LIFE ambassador Kagiso Modupe on a campaign promoting MMC.

Modupe, 33, was medically circumcised earlier this year whilst openly discussing the issues that many men and women have around circumcision. These include pain which is mild, the six-week healing period which requires abstaining from sex or masturbation. He called on 2000 men to circumcise with him and was delighted when 5000 men joined him.

Modupe was also in Durban to promote MMC.

Dr Khumbulani Moyo, Medical Male Circumcision Manager for the MMC consortium says, “Medical male circumcision is proven to reduce the risk for men and women of getting infected by HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and to reduce risk for cervical, anal and prostate cancer. But barriers to MMC remain high. Kagiso Modupe has played a powerful role in promoting medical male circumcision as the right thing to do.”

Medical male circumcision is central to South Africa’s HIV prevention policy. The National Department of Health aims to have 4,3 million men circumcised from 2010 to 2017. Medical circumcision is a simple procedure that removes the foreskin, which contributes to risk reduction of contracting and spreading HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

Men or their partners can book for a circumcision by sending a ‘please call me’ to 082 808 6152. Men can also call 0800 448024 (toll free) or send a blank SMS to 41449.


Photos of Prince Nhalanganiso Zulu and Kagiso Modupe


Videos of Prince Nhlanganiso Zulu discussing circumcision   HTTPS://DRIVE.GOOGLE.COM/OPEN?ID=0B3WP-EXYB5CBQZVXSGYYOFR0ZVU

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