What we do

By responding to public health needs we work to enable anyone involved in the health care sector. We oversee and support the implementation of programmes funded by both local and international donors. We have over 20 years experience and striving to  uplift the health care community with knowledge and skills we have gained.

Health Systems Strengthening

We strive to understand and address the urgent need to improve performance in South Africa’s current health care environment. We understand the goals to eradicate and manage a variety of diseases and put unique work plans in place to address each goal. Strengthening health care – improve patient outcome Working across South Africa we work […]

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Grants Management

As a donor, you want to know where your funds are going and how they are being used. We have accounted for and distributed to sub-recipients through grants management over R254 320 729.03. NGOs constantly struggle with inadequate tools for the financial management of sub-award grants. Historically, our grants management department used spreadsheets for reports […]

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Pharmacy Support

Right to Care provides support at all levels, in cooperation with the National Department of Health, in developing and implementing pharmaceutical policy, and through technical assistance with hands-on ground-support services. Agile backing when it is required We make every effort to solve pharmaceutical staffing needs at our supported sites, developing relationships, training, and capacity building […]

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Research supports our work in every field. In 2014, Right to Care Health Services identified the need to methodically document, evaluate, and share the best practices, clinical principles, and innovations arising from the organisation’s programmes. The organisation established a dedicated operational research unit meet these needs. Many of unit’s solutions have resulted in a significant […]

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